Amphenol PCD Shenzhen

ASVG series has been designed in accordance with the MS5015 specification. This connector is an
enhanced version of the MS5015 standard connector but remains completely intermateable with the MS5015
reverse bayonet connectors.
? In conformity with the French railways standard NFF 61030.
? The insulator is in hard thermoplastic, classified UL94V0. It is also in conformity with R22(HL3) according
to DIN EN45445 : 2013.
? An interfacial silicon seal is present on the male inserts to extend the creepage distance and to have
better sealing when the connector is mated.
? No tools are needed to insert contacts into the insulator. An extraction tool is available to extract the
contacts. The tool is engaged by the front face of the connector and the contacts are rear released.
? Contacts are crimped thanks to very common crimping tools.
? The connector is rated IP67 when mated and used with suitable accessories, a grommet or a sealed
? Offering a variety of additional insert arrangements not described in the MS5015.
The ASVG series offers high reliability and performance for common applications including RMT as well as propulsion technologies, machine tools, measurement and robotics.

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